The Old-Time Herald Volume 10, Number 1


The Save a Banjo Contest: Part II
The Resurrection of Ryan’s Hope

By Tim Smith

Here is the final installment of our “Save a Banjo” series of workshops. In the last issue (Summer 2005, vol. 9, no. 8), banjo rescuer Tim Smith described the winner of our contest. The banjo we selected for rehabilitation came to us from Jay Ryan of Athens, Ohio. Jay says that “I got this banjo at a flea market in Covington, KY, for $25.00 a few years ago and it’s been hanging on my wall ever since.” We chose it for the contest because it is typical of the no-name, inexpensive banjos of the late 19th century and it has a number of common problems. This one has had a particularly long and hard life. In this article, we see how Tim returned it to playability. To hear this banjo, which Tim dubbed “Ryan’s Hope,” go to the OTH web site

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