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Helton Brothers/ J.D. Harris Discography
By Bob Carlin

Possibly 1-12/ 1924, possibly New York, NY.  Broadway Records
A1963The Bucking Mule (J. D. Harris, violin; Ernest Helton, banjo)
A1964(1964-1)-Whip the Devil Around the Stump (also known as Booger Man) (same as above; Unknown dance calls)
B-1965-The Blackberry Rag (J. D. Harris, violin; Ernest Helton, banjo)
A-1969-Jeff Davis (J. D. Harris, violin; Ernest Helton, guitar)
B1971Lone and Sad (J. D. Harris, vocal; Ernest Helton, banjo)
B-1958-(1958-1)-The Gray Eagle (J. D. Harris/solo fiddle)
5118A (51182) Cumbling Gap (Osey Helton, violin solo)
5119B (51192) Asheville (the same tune as Flop Earred Mule) (same as above)
5122A-(1)-Rocky Road to Dublin (same as above)
5123B-(1)-Green River (same as above)
Asheville, North Carolina, 08/29_31/25. Okeh Records
Okeh 45024-B-(9307-A)- The Cackling Hen (J.D. Harris, fiddle; issued 3/1926)
Okeh 45010B-(9311-A)- Royal Clog (Ernest Helton, banjo)
Recorded by Robert W. Gordon, Biltmore, North Carolina, 11/20/25.  LOC. 
Issued on LOC, AFS  L-68, The Robert Winslow Gordon Collection

Prisoner’s Song (Ernest Helton, vocal and banjo)

Probably WWNC, Asheville, NC, by Dr. Jan Phillip Schinhan.  Cecil Hoskins and Lewis Elias: sound engineers, between 12/02/1939 and 03/16/1941.  Discs are mostly unlabeled, but some are by Osey and Ernest Helton.  Southern Folklife Collection/UNC-Chapel Hill
FD 164-A1-Unknown (fiddle/banjo/guitar)
A2-Wild Horse at Stony Point (fiddle/banjo/guitar)
B1-Wild Horse at Stony Point (fiddle/banjo/guitar)
B2-Unknown (fiddle/banjo/guitar)
FD 165-A1-Whip the Devil Around the Stump (solo fiddle)
A2-Whip the Devil Around the Stump (solo fiddle)
A3-Whip the Devil Around the Stump (solo fiddle)
B- Shoot the Turkey Buzzard (fiddle(s)/banjo/guitar)
FD 166-A1-Shoot the Turkey Buzzard (fiddle/mandolin/guitar) Not Osey Helton, more modern
A2-Take Me Back to Tulsa (fiddle/mandolin/guitar) ditto
B1-Farmer’s Curst Wife (vocal/guitar/mandolin) same group as A side
B2-Black Eyed Susie (fiddle/mandolin/guitar) same as A side
FD 167-A1-Polly Put the Kettle On (fiddle/banjo/guitar)
A2-Pokey Huntas (fiddle/banjo/guitar)
B1-Unknown (fiddle/banjo/guitar)
B2-Unknown (fiddle/banjo/guitar)
FD 168-A1-Rocky Road to Dublin voices at head Helton Brothers (solo fiddle)
A2-Georgia Belle (solo fiddle)
B1-Sourwood Mountain (solo fiddle)
B2-Leather Britches (twin fiddles) Helton Brothers
FD 169-A1-I’ll Be All Smiles Tonight L.W. Elias, Jr, WWNC (vocal/guitar/fiddle) see FD 166
A2-Texas Rangers (vocal/guitar) see FD 166
B1-Durang’s Hornpipe (twin fiddles/guitar) group on FD 166 plus fiddle
B2-Whistling Rufus (twin fiddles/mandolin/guitar) ditto
FD 170-A1-Unknown (vocal/guitar/mandolin)
A2-Don’t You Hear Jerusalem Mourn
B1-Green River
FD 171-A1-Cripple Creek (solo fiddle)
A2-Newport Breakdown (solo fiddle)
B1-Osey Helton’s Schottishe (solo fiddle)
B2-Money Musk (solo fiddle)
FD 172-A1-Fisher’s Hornpipe (solo fiddle) L.W. Elias, Jr, WWNC
A2-Unknown (solo fiddle)
B1-Katy Hill (solo fiddle)
B2-Arkansas Traveler (solo fiddle)
FD 173-A1-Alabama Jubilee (fiddle/mandolin/guitar)
A2-Unknown (fiddle/mandolin/guitar)
A3-Will the Circle Be Unbroken (guitars/vocals)
B1-Cumberland Gap (solo fiddle)
B2-Snowbird (solo fiddle)
B3-Gray Eagle (solo fiddle)
FD 174-A1-Going Down the River (fiddle/banjo/guitar)
A2-Cripple Creek (fiddle/banjo/guitar)
A3-Cripple Creek (fiddle/banjo/guitar)
B1-Sally Ann (fiddle/banjo/guitar)
B2-Sally Goodin (fiddle/banjo/guitar)
FD 175-A1- Callahan (fiddle/banjo/guitar)
A2-Whip the Devil Round the Stump (fiddle/banjo/guitar)
B1-Lady Hamilton (solo fiddle)
B2-Asheville/Flop Eared Mule (solo fiddle)
FD 176-A1-Flop Eared Mule (fiddle/banjo/guitar)
A2-Whistling Rufus (fiddle/banjo/guitar)
B1-Ryestraw (solo fiddle)
B2-Shoot the Turkey Buzzard (fiddle/banjo/guitar)
FD 177-A1-Unknown (fiddle/banjo/guitar?)
A2-Big Footed Man/Virginia Reel (fiddle/banjo/guitar)
B1-Katy Hill (fiddle/banjo/guitar)
B2-Shortnin’ Bread (fiddle/banjo/guitar)
FD 178-A1-Unknown (fiddle/banjo/guitar)
A2-Tennessee Wagoner (fiddle/banjo/guitar)
B1-The Preacher and the Bear (vocal/mandolin/fiddle/guitar)
B2-The Preacher and the Bear (vocal/guitar)
FD 179-A1-Charming Betsy (fiddle/banjo/guitar/vocals)
A2-Whoa Mule (fiddle/banjo/guitar/vocal)
B1-Down in Arkansas (fiddle/banjo/guitar/vocals)
B2-Little Rosewood Casket (fiddle/mandolin/guitar/vocal)
FD 180-A1-Careless Love
B1-Cumberland Gap (solo banjo)
B2-Unknown (two guitars)
FD 181-A1-Billy in the Lowground (solo fiddle)
A2-Billy in the Lowground (solo fiddle)
B1-Forked Deer (solo fiddle)
B2-Cousin Sally Brown (solo fiddle)
FD 182-A1-Unknown sort of Cacklin’ Hen (solo fiddle)
A2-Nancy Rollins (solo fiddle)
B1-Unknown (fiddle/guitar)
B2-Unknown march (fiddle/guitar)
FD 183-A1-Unknown (solo fiddle)
A2-Same Unknown as A1 (fiddle/banjo/guitar)
B1-Unknown (solo fiddle)
B2-Sally Gooden (solo fiddle)
Osey Helton.  Recorded 08/00/1941 by Alan Lomax, Jerome Wiesner and Joseph Liss, Asheville, North Carolina.  LOC
AFS 4798-A-l-The Gray Eagle
AFS 4798-A-6-Forked Deer
AFS 4799-A-2-Gray Eagle (fiddle contest with Hensley)
AFS 4804B1Leather Britches (Ernest and Osey Helton, fiddles)
2+4- interview
3Cumberland Gap (same as above)
5Downfall of Paris (Mississippi Sawyer) (Ernest and Osey Helton, banjo and fiddle)
AFS 4805ASwannanoa Tunnel (Osey Helton, fiddle; Bascom Lamar Lunsford, banjo and vocal; possibly Ernest Heltonguitar)
B1 interview
2Reuban (Osey and Ernest Helton, fiddle and banjo.
Rounder 0237, The Library Of Congress Banjo Collection)
3 interview
AFS 4806A1 interview
2 Sandy River (Going Down the River) (same as Reuban)
3 Big Footed Man(Virginia Reel)
(same as above. New World 226, That's My Rabbit, My Dog Caught It)
4 House of the Rising Son (Ernest Helton, guitar and vocal)


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