The Old-Time Herald Volume 10, Number 3

Dance Beat

The Alleghany Jubilee: Old-Time Dancing in the Blue Ridge
By Phil Jamison

. . . Today, old-time dancing in the Blue Ridge is no longer as common, or as easy to find as it once was, but it still takes place every weekend throughout the year at the Alleghany Jubilee, in Sparta, North Carolina, not far from Surry County.
P:hoto by Lucas Pasley

The Alleghany Jubilee is owned and operated by Ernest and Agnes Joines, and it has featured old-time dancing every Friday and Saturday night since 1994. It is located in the old Spartan Theater on Main Street in downtown Sparta. Inside this storefront location, rows of old theater seats face the large plywood dance floor. Near the front door is a concession counter where Ernest and Agnes collect the $4 admission and sell soft drinks, coffee, and snacks. At the other end of this long, narrow, dimly lit dance hall, is a raised stage for the band. . . .

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