The Old-Time Herald Volume 10, Number 5


An Online Guide to
the John Donald Robb Collection

by Dan Margolies

Following are a few representative tracks from the massive John Donald Robb field recording collection.  These tracks weren't picked necessarily because they are the best (although they are all great), but instead mostly to relay a sense of the variety and richness of this collection.

Excellent driving version of "Muchacho Alegre" recorded in 1954, players unknown.  There are at least four songs with this name in the Robb collection, all of them quite different. click here

"Send me Some Lovin":  A fine and raw country song sung by Harold Floyd in 1957 in Dexter, NM. click here

This is one of several tracks of raucous Tortugas Indian drum-fiddle dances, recorded in Tortugas, NM in 1953.
click here

The "Old Waltz" played by Nieto Valasquez in 1957 in Tierra Amarilla, NM.  This tune, as Valasquez says at the end of the recording, was typically played for weddings. click here

Ray Reed delivering an excellent version of the 'Cattle Call" in 1949 in Mescalero, NM. click here

"Mi Carro Ford" sung and played on a 12 string guitar by Eduardo Visarriaga in 1950 in Taos click here

"Soldado Razo" (Private Soldier):  Wonderful harmonized version of this song, sung by Jesus Lechuga and Elisa Montoya in Albuqueque in 1946 click here


"Soldado Razo" (Private Soldier): 
I am enlisting as a private soldier
I am going to enter the ranks
With the brave boys
Who leave a beloved mother
Who leave a weeping fiancé
I leave behind me this farewell

I go to war content
I already have my arms ready
And I will return running
When the game is over.
I only regret one thing:
Leaving my mother alone

Dark Virgin
Send me this consolation
And grant me only this
That heaven pray for me

My Guadalupan Virgin
Protect my flag
And when I find myself in a campaign
A long way, alas, from my country,
I will prove to everyone that my race
Knows how to die anywhere

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