The Old-Time Herald Volume 10, Number 5

The Sandia Hots: 
Spicing Up Old-Time Music
with the Sounds of the Southwest

by Dan Margolies

The spirit of old-time music is alive and hopping in New Mexico. The Enchanted State has long been known as the premier state for chiles of all varieties and potency. The Sandia Hots are doing their best to show that the traditional music of the Southwest is just as vibrant and unique as the food.

The Sandia Hots are Liz Stevens, Michael Gallagher, Linda Askew, and Scott Mathis, and they are an accomplished old-time band with a distinctive southwestern flavor. They play several styles of traditional and new tunes and songs on an array of instruments, including (but not limited to) fiddle, banjo, guitar, mandolin, button accordion, vihuela and guitarron.

Illustration by Michael Gallagher

Listen to the Sandia Hot's Flor Blanca

Based in Albuquerque, the Hots play widely throughout the Southwest and appear at festivals in the Southeast as well.  As an old-time band much in demand at square and contra dances in New Mexico, Colorado, and elsewhere, the Sandia Hots fire through classic string band music. They started and endure fundamentally as an old-time dance band, and they also play fellow-traveling stuff like old country songs and cowboy songs. . . .

What makes the Sandia Hots unique is their passionate pursuit for sounds and songs rooted in the relatively unknown but rich regional traditions of the Southwest, music as pure and true as classic old-time music.

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