The Old-Time Herald Volume 10, Number 7

H. O. Jenkins:
Heir to the Jenkins Family Legacy

By Kinney Rorrer

Take me back, let me see what is left that I know
Can it be that the old house is gone?
Dear friends of my childhood indeed must be few
And I must lament all alone.

“Take Me Back to the Sweet Sunny South,” as recorded by Ben Jarrell & Frank Jenkins and DaCosta Woltz’s Southern Broadcasters, 1927

At the corner of Jenkinstown Road and Highway 601 in the rolling hills of Surry County, North Carolina, stands an abandoned, sagging old barn, where long ago one could hear the strains of the old-time fiddling and singing of its owner, Frank Jenkins. The prophecy of “Sweet Sunny South” has come true, as “the old house is gone” and the “dear friends of my childhood indeed must be few.” And yet the music still lives on in the hands and talent of Frank Jenkins’ grandson, H.O. Jenkins, Jr. H.O. is the heir to the great legacy of the Jenkins Family string band, and he maintains that legacy with care, affection, and respect.



Jeremy Stephens
Listen to Dacosta Woltz's Southern Broadcaster's "Sweet Sunny South"

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