The Old-Time Herald Volume 10, Number 7


Not Just Uncle Henry’s Favorites
By Dick Harrington
Listen to Uncle Henry's Favorites medley of "Lady of the Lake" and "Pete's High D Tune "

Nobody has nurtured Central Virginia’s robust, deep-rooted, welcoming music culture more than Uncle Henry’s Favorites. [Pete and Ellen Vigour, Mark Beall, and Jim Childress] They’re a dyed-in-the-wool old-time band with an enviable repertoire, inspiring chops, a noteworthy fan base, super-big hearts, and a commitment to passing the music along. Pete and Ellen orchestrate the fiddle contest sponsored by the Albemarle County Fair and they participate and encourage playing in other contests. The band performs often for concerts, fundraisers, dances, weddings, and other galas such as First Night Virginia. All things considered, Uncle Henry’s Favorites is truly central Virginia’s community string band. “They’ve had a big hand in making this community what it is now,” says Pete Marshall of the Mando Mafia. “It’s hard to know how to thank them enough.”

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