The Old-Time Herald Volume 10, Number 8


Walt Koken—
“Gonna live in the highwoods til I die.”

By Pete Peterson

If, like so many of us, your first exposure to old-time music was at a Highwoods String Band concert some time in the 1970s, then you have reason to be grateful to Walt Koken for changing your life. You probably have a mental snapshot of Walt and the rest of Highwoods, all in their 20s, playing at breakneck speed, bouncing up and down and having a contagiously wonderful time. It will probably surprise you to realize that time has passed- Walt is about to turn 60. In recent years he has turned back to old-time music, and here he reflects on his musical past and looks forward to some exciting new projects.


Courtesy of Walt Koken
Listen to Walt Koken and Clare Milliner "Jenny Get Around"
Banjo & Fiddle tab for this tune can be found in the print edition.

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