The Old-Time Herald Volume 11, Number 1

Making Your Own CD
By Pete Peterson
Illustration: Phil Blank

Y our band has been playing together for a couple years and getting tighter, and you believe you have a special sound and some distinctive material. You’re thinking it would be nice to have a CD to sell at gigs and you’re wondering what you need to do before you have one that’s ready to sell. Maybe, like some of the 1920s recording artists who heard Henry Whitter on record and said “I can sound better than that!” you think that you can sound at least as good as some of the bands whose CDs you’ve already bought. Keep that optimism—you have some hard work ahead of you. This article assumes that you want to make the best CD that you can for minimum cost and, with that in mind, is meant to help you with some of the decisions you have to make. …



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