The Old-Time Herald Volume 12, Number 6

Old-Time Jam with Hubie King: Live People are More Interesting than Dead Ones
By Sandy Hofferth
photo: Lee Michael Demsey
This year, Old Time Jam with Hubie King, a locally produced show of old-time music on WAMU’s Bluegrass Country, heard in the Washington, DC, area and online, celebrates its third birthday. “I’m flabbergasted,” says Hubie King, “first, that they put me on the air, and second, that they are leaving me there.”

Old Time Jam celebrates the current crop of actively performing old-time musicians, the concept that volunteer King developed to address an area that is not often covered on radio. Long-time award-winning radio host Dick Spottswood features what he humorously calls the “Obsolete Music Hour,” featuring archival recordings of traditional music, but King celebrates the very-much-alive tradition of current old-time performers, both through recordings and live studio visits with working musicians.

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