The Old-Time Herald Volume 13, Number 12

The Well-dressed Fiddler…or Violinist?
By Paul F. Wells
Wiley D. Marshall. collection of Paul Wells

In many of our excursions into the Attic I’ve drawn attention to the fact that the people in the photographs presented have generally taken pains to look and dress their best. It may be difficult for people in today’s world, in which smart phone selfies proliferate by the thousands, to comprehend the fact that in times past the occasion of getting one’s picture taken (or “made” if you were in the South) was not something to be taken lightly. It required some planning, perhaps travel to a distant studio, and enough money to pay the photographer’s fee. It was a time to trot out one’s finest duds, perhaps get a haircut or new ‘do, and generally to spiff up as much as possible. After all, this was to be a record for posterity, even if the thought of someone a century or so later acquiring the photo and writing about it was unimaginable.

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