The Old-Time Herald Volume 13, Number 12

Scott Boatright: Make Them Sad and Then Make Them Happy
By Roy Andrade
Scott Boatright circa 1922.
courtesy of the Boatright family


Chances are you don’t recognize the name Scott Boatright, but you’ve probably heard of many of the people he played in groups with in the 1920s and ‘30s. He never made commercial records, but he was among the most respected and active old-time country musicians of his time. In his prime he performed, either on guitar or banjo, with many country music greats, including Cowan Powers, Clarence “Tom” Ashley, John Carson, Dudley Vance, Dock Boggs, Uncle Dave Macon, Melvin Robinette, and many others. His was a rambling and brief professional career that closely mirrored that of many other early country musicians who quit music to pursue more dependable jobs

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