The Old-Time Herald Volume 13, Number 3

The Albert Hash Memorial Festival
By T.J. Worthington
Thornton Spencer
Photo by T.J. Worthington

Whitetop, Virginia
September 3, 2011

The road to Whitetop, Virginia—Highway 58, the Crooked Road—is the most beautiful drive I know of in this region of the mountains. I’ve not been on all the roads by any means, but this one is so good that the best can’t be much better. It’s farm country. My friend Judy was here from the Atlanta area, and I told her that the Albert Hash Memorial Festival would be the mountain music experience of her life.

Going up and over Mt. Rogers is an unforgettable driving experience; U-turn to the right, U-turn to the left, back and forth up the mountain, trees on both sides of the road, then the scenery opened up and we were high on the mountain seeing distant landscape. The road wound down the mountain to the low place between Mt. Rogers and Whitetop Mountain. Before the road started uphill again to traverse Whitetop, my favorite mountain around here to visit, the Mt. Rogers Combined School appeared on the left where the Albert Hash Memorial Festival was getting in gear to start.


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