West Virginia Ramblers, Richmond, IN, June 4, 1931

Ramblin' Red Foley, Chicago, March 21, 1934

Cliff Carlisle & His Buckle Busters, Charlotte, NC, July 26, 1939

Bogue Ford, Boomtown, Shasta County, CA, September 3, 1939

Denver Darling & His Texas Cowhands, New York City, 1944

Bill Monroe and His Blue Grass Boys, Chicago, February 13, 1945

Bradley Kincaid,  February, 1947

Jack Guthrie,  Hollywood, CA, March 21, 1947

Buckley And Skidmore with The Mississippi Valley Boys,New York City, 1947

Bill Monroe and His Blue Grass Boys, Nashville, TN, July 18, 1952

Peter Reeves, Roy Hudd's Vintage Music Hall, 1970s
Compiled and produced by Charles Chilton

Walter Pardon, recorded by Mike Yates, 1980