The Old-Time Herald Volume 13, Number 6

The Off-the-Shoulder Look
By Paul F. Wells
collection of Paul Wells

An unstated rationale for this series—beyond simply offering OTH readers the chance to enjoy looking at some cool old photos of musicians—has been to consider what we might learn from the photos that we print here. In past installments we’ve examined images of fiddle duos, of female fiddlers, and of family groups, and have pondered about the role of cellos and flutes in ensembles that may or may not have played old-time dance music. Along the way we’ve touched briefly on such technical matters as presence or absence of chin rests on fiddles, tightness of bow hair, and the overall affect of the players and how they relate to their instruments. In this issue we will deal squarely with a very basic element of fiddle playing, i.e., holding the damn thing!

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