The Old-Time Herald Volume 13, Number 6

The Return of the Stuff
That Dreams Are Made Of

Yazoo 2203

Cluck Old Hen:
A Barnyard Serenade, 1926 -1940

Old Hat CD-1009

The New Young Fogies, Volume 1
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Tom Paley’s Old-Time Moonshine Revue
Roll On, Roll On
Hornbeam Records HBR0001

Walt Koken
Sittin’ in the Catbird’s Seat
Mudthumper Music MM-0071The Foghorn Stringband
Outshine the Sun
Hearth Music
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Adam Hurt and Beth Williams Hartness
Fine Times at Our House
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The Old 78ís
The Women Wear No Clothes at All
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Black Twig Pickers
Rough Carpenters
Thrill Jockey Records 309

Twilite Broadcasters
The Signalís Clear
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Skip Gorman with Angus Gorman, Connie Dover, Matt Levine, and Mary Burdette
A Herderís Call: Lonesome Old Time Songs and Tunes on the Range and Ranch
Old West 006
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Ragtime Skedaddlers
Mandolins At the Cakewalk
Mandophone CD 0902
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The Zinc Kings

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Pharis and Jason Romero
Long Gone Out West Blues
Lula Records 1303
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Jody Stecher
Wonders and Signs
Vegetiboy Music CD TLSFN2
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Dick and Judy Hyman
Late Last Summer: A Collection of Original Waltzes
Left Ear Records

Loaferís Glory
Arhoolie 542 Books

John Cohen
The High and Lonesome Sound: The Legacy of Roscoe Holcomb

Doc and Merle: An Intimate Documentary
Vestapol 13044 DVD

Carl Jones Old Time Mandolin:
Tunes and Tips

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