The Old-Time Herald Volume 14, Number 1

Tales from the ‘Woods, Part 12: J.P. and Roscoe
By Walt Koken


B y the mid-1970s we had run our van into the ground. It was the replacement for our old panel trucks, a heavy-duty Ford window van that we had customized to fit our needs. It was used when we bought it, we put many hard miles on it, and now it was dead. Our hopes of continuing our barnstorming were dying with it, as we didn’t make enough to buy a replacement. Festival promoter Quint Davis had flown us to New Orleans to play at the Louisiana Heritage Festival, and while we were there we ran into our friend Alan Jabbour. When we mentioned to him that our career as a band was in jeopardy, he suggested that we apply to the National Endowment for the Arts for grant money. Since he was top man at the folk arts division of the NEA at the time, we took him seriously, and after a couple months and some doing, we found ourselves in Whitesburg, amongst the rugged mountains of eastern Kentucky, on a two-week NEA-sponsored tour of the region, with the supposed purpose of bringing old-time music back to the people there.



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