The Old-Time Herald Volume 7, Number 8


FiddleAid Benefit For David Bass

by Ira Bernstein

On Sunday, Mar. 18 FiddleAid presented a benefit concert at the Diana Wortham Theatre in downtown Asheville, NC, to raise money to help former Freight Hoppers fiddler David Bass. David is in need of a heart transplant. (He is on the necessary list and should be getting the transplant sometime this summer).

The benefit was a great success and raised over $8000. It was truly a community-based, cooperative event to which many people donated time, skills, money, and legwork. The performers were The Cary Fridley Band, David and Zeb Holt, The Reeltime Travelers, Rayna Gellert and Frank Lee, Ralph Blizard and the New Southern Ramblers, The Green Grass Cloggers, Ira Bernstein, and Joe Cline, as host. Use of the theater, including all its sound and lighting equipment, was donated. Live sound was provided by Mark Richards and the concert was recorded by Steven Heller for a possible CD. Backstage hospitality and a beautiful exhibit of quilts made by and for members of the local old-time community were coordinated by volunteers. All raffle prizes were donated.

It was also the launch of FiddleAid, a new, grassroots, charitable organization born of the old-time music and dance community around Asheville, including musicians, dancers, friends, fans, and supporters. Recognizing that urgent-response situations frequently arise within the greater old-time community, we are looking to make FiddleAid a legal, non-profit organization whose purpose is to assist members of the community in need of immediate, short-term aid due to unforeseen emergencies. Assistance may be financial help, as well as services provided by members and friends of the community in a "neighbor-helping-neighbor" fashion. Ongoing fundraising efforts will include benefit concerts, dances, other events, sales and raffles of donated items, and direct donations.

FiddleAid would also like to be able to assist other fundraising efforts in the greater old-time music and dance community around the country by acting as a legal, nonprofit umbrella and by lending an organizational infrastructure, including an established group of advisors, for use in such efforts. Though based in Asheville, we hope to grow into a national organization with national scope.

As a new organization, FiddleAid is seeking active participation from anyone interested in helping. The founding committee is John Herrmann and Ira Bernstein.

Contributions are continuously being sought and accepted and should be made payable to FiddleAid, 107 Ingle Road, Asheville, NC 28804. Please keep up with the efforts of FiddleAid on its website:, or e-mail:

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