The Old-Time Herald Volume 9, Number 2


Local 1000 AFM is Taking Care of Business
Pension Plan? Health Insurance?—Strengthening the Old-Time Music Community

Edited by Alice Gerrard from an interview with John McCutcheon

For years those of us touring on the folk, bluegrass and acoustic music circuit have led a solitary life. One-night stands. Unpredictable working conditions. No health insurance. No pension. No way to get good, affordable insurance for our instruments. No one to stand up for us and help us get the respect we deserve as hardworking professionals. And not much reason to join the American Federation of Musicians (AFM).

Things have changed and now we have an AFM local just for us: Local 1000, the North American Traveling Musicians Union. We’re a democratically run organization created by and for traveling musicians, people just like you. And no matter where you live in Canada or the U.S., Local 1000 is for you!—from the website.

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