The Old-Time Herald Volume 9, Number 6


Mac Benford
Clawhammer Tribute to the Music of Ed Haley
Yodel-Ay-Hee 052

Harry Bolick
Carroll County, Mississippi
New Timey 2005

Big Medicine,
Fever in the South
Yodel-Ay-Hee 053

Jim Childress
Turkey Sag-Original Fiddle Tunes

Fred Cockerham
Recordings from the Collection of Ray Alden,
FRC 101

Norman Edmonds and the Old-Timers
Recordings from the Collection of Andy Cahan,
FRC 301

Tim Ericksen
Every Sound Below
Appleseed 2004

Zack Fanok
Midnight Ride
Roane 118

Dan Gellert
Waitin’ for the Break of Day
Orphonon 8039

Uncle Charlie Higgins, Wade Ward & Dale Poe
Recordings from the Collection of Peter Hoover
FRC 501

Mike Humphries
Artist With a Bow

Roane 122

Kenny Jackson
Over the Mountain
5-String 04002

Rhys Jones
Mississippi Square Dance

VigorTone 2003-2004

The Lonesome Sisters
The Lonesome Sisters

Tin Halo Music

The Lonesome Sisters with Riley Baugus
Going Home Shoes

Tin Halo Music 0404

Melmac Lickers
Durable Old-Time String Band Music

David O’Dell
Banjo For a Rainy Day
Roane Records 121

Orpheus Supertones
Bound to Have a Little Fun
Mudthumper 0020

Harvey Reid
The Autoharp Album
Woodpecker Records

Oliver Smith
Street Singer
TriAgleFar 702

Martin Stephenson, Martin
Haint of the Budded Rose
Ramseur, BVCD009/RR704

Bobby Taylor
Kanawha Tradition
Roane 123


Clifton Chenier
King of Zydeco

Arhoolie ARH 401

De Smaele, Gerard and Patrick Ferryn
A Banjo Frolic

Caboose Productions, VCR tape SCAM M00568

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