Banjo player, fiddler, singer, and songwriter Rhiannon Giddens made old-time music history this year, becoming a MacArthur Foundation Fellow. Also known as the Genius Grant, the MacArthur Fellowship carries an award of $625,000 “in the hope that [Fellows] can pursue their work without financial limitations.” The MacArthur Foundation writes that Giddens has received the award in recognition of her work “reclaiming African American contributions to folk and country music and bringing to light new connections between music from the past and the present.”

Alice Gerrard has been inducted to the International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA) Hall of Fame, an honor that she shares with Bill Monroe, the Carter Family, the Stanley Brothers, and a small group of other legends of traditional music. This year’s other inductees are Alice’s former music partner, the late Hazel Dickens, fiddler Bobby Hicks, and mandolinist Roland White. IBMA also recognized Fletcher Bright, Norman Blake, Louisa Branscomb, Silver Dollar City, and Bluegrass Today with Distinguished Achievement Awards.

Among this year’s National Heritage Fellows are two old-time artists—fiddler and accordionist Dwight Lamb (of Onawa, Iowa), and buckdancer Thomas Maupin (of Murfreesboro, Tennessee)—and several other master traditional musicians. They include Maryland blues harmonica player Phil Wiggins, Puerto Rican bomba and plena musician Modesto Cepeda, children’s folk singer and musician Ella Jenkins (Chicago), Hawaiian slack key guitarist Cyril Pahinui, and conjunto accordionist and bandleader Eve Ybarra (San Antonio). Two craft artists received the honor this year as well, Anna Brown Ehlers (Juneau, Alaska), a Chilkat weaver, and Armenian repoussé metal artist Norik Astvatsaturov (Wahpeton, North Dakota).

Winners at this year’s Appalachian State Old-Time Fiddler’s Convention, held February 4 in Boone, North Carolina, were as follows. (Winners’ hometowns are in North Carolina unless otherwise noted.) Adult Fiddle: Nokosee Fields, Johnson City, Tennessee; Rob Fong, Raleigh; David Burns, Zionville. Youth Fiddle: Sophia Burnett, Boone; Anna Lei Burnett, Boone; Asa Nelson, Zionville. Adult Banjo: Shohei Tutsumi, Osaka, Japan; Steve Kruger, Pembroke, Virginia; Mac Traynham, Willis, Virginia. Youth Banjo: Henry Coatney, Boone; Nicholas Wingo, Ivanhoe, Virginia; Louie Winger, Boone. Adult Guitar: Presley Barker, Traphill; Steve Kilby, Mouth of Wilson, Virginia; Graham Ferrell, Boone. Youth Guitar: Tyler Laws, Statesville; Brandt Schanbacher, Marshall; Gus McGee, King. Adult Mandolin: Caleb Coatney, Boone; Zeb Gambill, Wilkesboro; Eli Wildman, Floyd, Virginia. Dance: Forest Doyle; Nathan Vargo; Clarke Williams. Youth Dance: Anna Lei Burnett, Boone; Wesley Coatney, Boone; Lincoln Moore, Kernersville. Folk Song: Deborah Jean Sheets, Vilas; Cecil Gurganus, Todd; Lauren Wasmund, Bethlehem. String Band: Trailer Swift, Osaka, Japan; Strictly Strings, Boone; Jolly Ranchers, Buncombe County.

At the 2016 Lowell (Massachusetts) Banjo and Fiddle Contest, held September 10, winners were as follows. Old-Time Fiddle: Cory Husic, Joe Basconi, Paula Wheeler. Old-Time Fiddle, honorable mentions: Selene Victor, John Reddick, Rebecca Weiss, George Touchstone. Bluegrass Fiddle: David Kassel, David Chernack, Kent Ackley. Ethnic Fiddle: Leland Martin, Natalya Kay, Adrienne Howard. Twin Fiddle: Corey Husic and Joe Basconi, David Chernack and Rebecca Weiss, Natalya Kay and Fiona Henry. Old-Time Banjo: Michael Worden, Fred Wersan, John Perten. Bluegrass Banjo: Michelle Canning, C. James Zurolo, Kim Harris. Banjo, Other Styles: Linda Abrams, Paul Luria, Andy Mullen. Banjo and Fiddle: Selene Victor and Paul Boyd, Adrienne Howard and Linda Abrams, Cynthia Thomas and Doug Feeney. Banjo and Fiddle, honorable mentions: Jerry Dallal and Linda Henry, Paula Wheeler and David Pugh. Youth: Julian Bokulich, Theo Bester, Cordelia Rozmiarek. Youth, honorable mentions: Quinn Eastburn, Felix Rogovin, Giovanni Iacobucci.

The South Carolina State Fiddling Championship was held at Hagood Mill in Pickens on September 19, with the following winners. (Hometowns in South Carolina unless otherwise noted.) Adult Old-Time Fiddle: Andy Brooks, Liberty (South Carolina State Old-Time Fiddling Champion); Josh Johnson, Pickens; (tie) Lillie Rodgers, Salem, and Jim Graddick, Blythewood. Junior Fiddle: Mary Johnson, Pickens; Cade Kennedy, Belton; Amelia Tebalt, Seneca. Senior “Wild Cat” Open: Freddy Vanderford, Buffalo; Owen Grooms, Pisgah Forest, North Carolina; Bob and Melody Thomason, Santee, Georgia. Junior “Wild Cat” Open: David Saffro, Powdersville; Amelia Tebalt; Cade and Shea Kennedy, Belton. Old-Time Banjo: Owen Grooms; Andy Brooks; Arthur Bruce, Taylors. Guitar: (tie) Danielle Yother, Pickens, and Glen Craver, Winston-Salem, North Carolina; Jim Graddick, Blythewood; Shea Kennedy. Old-Time String Band: Rocky Bottom Ramblers; Half Past 12; Bruce Family Band.

The following were winners at the 2016 Berkeley Old Time Music Convention, held September 21 – 25 in Berkeley, California. Contest winners: Barefoot Quales, Road House Pilgrims (Carlo Calabi, Sara Winge, Bill Foss), Jailhouse String Band. Honorable Mention: Sydney Special. Most Promising: Rena’s Strings and Other Things. Best Bribe: Odd Tuesday (pooper scoopers), Boss Tim (great stuff from Tim’s farm), Hoover Hot Shots (chocolate goodies). Best Band Names (tie): Sally Anthropists, Golden State Warblers. Highest Elbow: Funny Fiddler. Best A Capella: Hare Today (Craig Fixler, Jim Geselbracht, Catherine Rose Crowther, Tony Phillips). Best Three-Generational Group with Good Hats: Granny and the Girls (Judy Stavely and granddaughters).

Winners at the 2016 Schoolhouse Fiddling Bee, held October 9 in Avoca, Nebraska, were as follows. (Hometowns are all in Nebraska.) Open Division: Cari-Lynn Wenstrand, Lincoln; Grace Dowd, Lincoln; Gabriel Marks, Lincoln. Singing Division: Emma Ackerman, Auburn; Gabriel Marks; Mackenzie Groninga, Blair. Fee Fi Faux Division: Patrick Marks, cello, Lincoln; Grace Dowd, viola; Sharon Roberts-Yuen, whistle, Lincoln. Hocus Pocus: Mackenzie Groninga, fiddling while hula-hooping; Gabriel Marks, “Orange Blossom Special.” Twin Fiddling: Hanila VanKirk and Olivia York, Omaha; Gabriel Marks and Dorothy Marks, Lincoln; Maddyn Wenstrand and Cari-Lynn Wenstrand.

This year’s Henry Reed Memorial Fiddlers Convention was held in Newport, Virginia, June 10 and 11, with the following winning contests. Old-Time Fiddle: Steve Kruger, Melinda Jamron, Henry Barnes, Mary Jane Epps, Lilly Turner. Bluegrass Fiddle: Paul Herling, Henry Barnes, Lilly Turner. Bluegrass Banjo: Lane Robertson, Garland Finn. Old-Time Banjo: Tim Sauls, Russ Boyd, Steve Kruger, Ron Mullenex, Jeff Norman. Dennis McKim. Mandolin: Jeff Getz, Bob Stepno, Mike Fisher, Addison Dobbs. Banjo-Fiddle Duet: Chris Dunavant and Liam Kelly; Jeff Getz and Paul Smith; Ginger Wagner and Paul Herling; Carol Baron and Lieselotte Heil. Bluegrass Banjo: Lane Robertson, Garland Finn. Old-Time Guitar: Jon Benfield, Mike Harrison. Bluegrass Guitar: Jon Benfield, Brandon Hilton, Mike Fisher. Folk Song: Liam Kelly, Tim Thornton, Lieselotte Heil, Earl Reno, Matt Peyton. Dulcimer: Matt Peyton, Tim Thornton, David Parks. Bass: Keith Thomas. Dance: Pat Harrison, Leslie Givens, Jack Hager, Susan Ann Taylor, James Burton. Old-Time Band: Little Stoney Nighthawks, The Diggers, Happy Hollow Stringband, Big Lick Stringband, Becky and the Buzzards

The following were contest winners at this year’s Tazewell County (Virginia) Old Time and Bluegrass Fiddlers’ Convention, held July 8 – 10 . Old-Time Fiddle: Aloria Vanover, Steve Kruger, Jerry Correll, James Leva, Betty Vornbrock.  Bluegrass Fiddle: Honey Brassfield, Dewey Long, Charlie Elswick, Madalyn Jarrett. Old-Time Banjo: Ron Mullenex, Steve Kruger, Al Tharp, Hunter Walker, Matt Neiburger. Bluegrass Banjo: Steve Chrisley, Gary Webb, Adrian Sheets, Mike Mullins, Neesie Hunt. Fiddle and Banjo Duet: Ron Mullenex and Jerry Correll; Faith Dominy and Matt Neiburger; Emily Poole and Andrew Henley; Hunter Walker and Betty Vornbrock; James Leva and Al Tharp. Folk Song: Honey Brassfield, Ehukai Teves, Hoot Dodson, Madalyn Jarrett, Louis Tepoel. Guitar: Steve Kilby, Rick Hall, Josh Raines,
T. J. Jarrett, Jack Wells. Mandolin: Matt Stacy, Rick Hall, Tristan Dennis, Honey Brassfield, LeRoy Long. Dobro: Mike Hankins, George Watkins. Harmonica: Tommy Taylor, Robie Castle, Ehukai Teves. Dulcimer: Lois Hornbostel, Steve Kilby, Ehukai Teves, David Parks, Ezra Drumheller. Bass: Jamie Stacy, Robert Davis. Autoharp: Penny Kilby. Old-Time Band: Jeffersonville Skirmish Band, Mountain Fusion String Band, Reed Island Rounders, Last Minuet String Band, String Time Travelers. Bluegrass Band: Bad Ridge, High Test Grass, Hoot Dodson Band, Blue Rockin’ Grass, Town & Country Band. Dance, Male: Emory Somoskey, Robie Castle. Dance, Female: Dot Shiginowski, Virginia Green, Teenie Underwood, Jan Tepoel, Dee Parks. Dance, Youth: Thomas Romeo, Kathryn Romeo, Jessee Hunt, Annie Smith, Hanna Stein. Best All-Around Performer: Matt Stacy. Youth: Ezra Drumheller, Hannah Snuffer, John Jarvis, Madalyn Jarrett, Luke Snuffer.

The following were contest winners at this year’s Mount Airy (North Carolina) Blue-Grass and Old-Time Fiddlers Convention. Winners’ hometowns are in North Carolina, unless otherwise noted. Adult Old-Time Fiddle: Henry the Fiddler (Arvada, Colorado), Richard Bowman (Mount Airy), Billy Hurt, Jr. (Boons Mill, Virginia), Erynn Marshall (Galax, Virginia), Brittany Haas (Nashville, Tennessee). Adult Bluegrass Fiddle: Carson Peters (Piney Flats, Tennessee), John Hofmann (Thomasville), Marissa Colter (Clemmons), Henry Mabe (Walnut Cove), Danny Knicely (Lovettsville, Virginia). Youth Old-Time Fiddle: Ruth Shumway (West Jefferson), Lillian Chase (Weaverville), Eliza Meyer (Raleigh), Jolyon Gorman (Charlottesville, Virginia), Mallie York (Mount Airy). Youth Bluegrass Fiddle: Aila Wilman (Floyd, Virginia), Sarah Lemon (Charlotte), Willie Marschner (Fairfax, Virginia), Hadley Rutherford (Lexington, Kentucky), Kamron Nunn (Westfield), Brody York (Mount Airy). Adult Old-Time Banjo: Marsha Todd (Mount Airy), Jared Boyd (Laurel Fork, Virginia), Seth Boyd (Martinsville, Virginia), Jerry Ferguson (Salem, Virginia), Ben Riesser (Mebane). Adult Bluegrass Banjo: Eric Marshall (Mount Airy), Will Palmer (Davidson), Hersie McMillian (Mount Airy), Travis Watts (Toast), Ted Nixon (Mocksville). Adult Guitar: Steve Lewis (Jefferson), Steve Kilby (Mouth of Wilson, Virginia), Bobby Henry, Mark Kilianski (Natley, New Jersey), Mason Via (Danbury). Adult Bass: Steven Dowdy (Franklin County, Virginia), Barbara Bowman (Mount Airy), Stacy Boyd (Laurel Fork, Virginia), Lulu Furtado (Front Royal, Virginia), Misty Danley (Julian). Adult Dobro: Donnie Scott (Mount Airy), Tad Smith (Randleman), James Ball (Cleveland), Alan Jolley (Gastonia), Stephen Moller (Elgin, Illinois). Youth Mandolin: Elijah Moore (Kernersville), Ian Madden (Calvander).  Adult Mandolin: Vincent Bullins (Lawsonville), Travis Chandler (Franklin County, Virginia), Taylor Baker (Front Royal, Virginia), Mark Sherment (Asheville), Todd Hiatt (State Road). Adult Autoharp: Penny Kilby (Mouth of Wilson, Virginia), Rhonda Kemp (Roanoke, Virginia), Vickie Boyd (Laurel Fork, Virginia), Dexter Ramey (Abingdon, Virginia), Michael Poole (Pittsboro). Adult Dulcimer: Lloyd Wright (Kennard, Texas), Wayne Seymour (Reidsville), Tim Thornton (Shawsville, Virginia), Ehukai Teves (Bryson City), Marsha Harris (Morehead City). Adult Folk Song: Tommy Nichols (Mount Airy), Eric Marshall (Mount Airy), Laurel Wasmund (Taylorsville), Aaron Ratcliffe (Greensboro), Lou Hodge (Mountain City, Tennessee). Youth Folk Song: Carson Peters (Piney Flats, Tennessee), Eliza Meyer (Raleigh), Aila Wildman (Floyd, Virginia), Iris Newlin (Durham), Ruth Shumway (West Jefferson). Adult Dance: Marsha Todd, Matthew Kubstas, Aaron Ratcliffe, Dan Wally Baker, Clark Williams

Adult Old-Time Band: Slate Mountain Ramblers (Mount Airy); Five Mile Mountain Road (Boonesville, Virginia); Bald Face Hornets (Elliston, Virginia); Pilot Mountain Bobcats (Westfield); Fox Creek Ramblers (Mouth of Wilson, Virginia). Adult Bluegrass Band: Gaining Ground (Mocksville); Night Run (Christiansburg, Virginia); Bluegrass Rising (Mocksville); The Ragged Edge (Mount Airy); Copper Line (Stuart, Virginia). Youth Old-Time Band: Etowah Adams (Dahlonega, Georgia). Youth Bluegrass Band: Travis Watts and the Right Direction. Most Promising Youth: Will Palmer (Davidson).

Contest winners at this year’s Appalachian String Band Music Festival at Clifftop, West Virginia, were as follows. Fiddle: Jason Cade (Athens, Georgia), Clelia Stefanini (Nashville, Tennessee), Scott Prouty (Elkins, West Virginia), Nikos Pappas (Tuscaloosa, Alabama), Andrew Vogts (Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania). Senior Fiddle: Pete Vigour (Crozet, Virginia), Karen Celia Heil (San Francisco, California), Henry the Fiddler (Arvada, Colorado). Youth Fiddle: Andrew Vogts, Stephanie Flowers (Montreal, Quebec), Ruth Shumway (Charlotte, North Carolina). Banjo: Bob Smakula (Elkins, West Virginia), Ludwig Ordourke (Sweden), Seth Swingle (Earlysville, Virginia), Brad Kolodner (Baltimore, Maryland), Trevor Hammons (Marlinton, West Virginia). Senior Banjo: Pete Peterson (Oxford, Pennsylvania), Cathy Fink (Silver Spring, Maryland), Hilarie Burhans (Athens, Ohio). Youth Banjo: Joey Webb (Frankfort, Kentucky). Traditional Band: The Moose Whisperers (Oslo, Norway), The Wildcats (Lexington, Virginia), The Bucking Mules (Lawrenceburg, Tennessee), Jenny and the Hog Drovers (Swannanoa, North Carolina), Cotton Woods (Lafayette, California). Youth Traditional Band: The Onlies (Seattle, Washington). Neo-Traditional Band: The Early Mays (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania), The Ladles (New York, New York), Cameron DeWhitt and the Confirmation Bias (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), The Cloud Surfers (Lancaster, Pennsylvania), Rumput (Richmond, Virginia). Best Original Song: The Cloud Surfers. Best Original Tune: The Hilltop Mountaineers (New York, New York). Old-Time Flat-Foot Dance, 15 and under: Luke Snuffer (Beckley, West Virginia). Old-Time Flat-Foot Dance, 16 through 40: Becky Hill (Elkins, West Virginia), Matthew Kupstas (Crofton, Maryland), Josephine Stewart (Brooklyn, New York). Old-Time Flat-Foot Dance, 41 through 59: Maureen Reed Burke (Tullahoma, Tennessee), Rebecca Adams (Point of Rocks, Maryland). Old-Time Flat-Foot Dance, 60 and over: Phil Jamison (Asheville, North Carolina), Kim Forry (Arnold, Maryland), Jan Scopel (Arnold, Maryland). Grand-Champion, Old-Time Flat-Foot Dance: Phil Jamison.

At this year’s Old Fiddlers’ Convention at Galax, Virginia, winners were as follows. (Hometowns in Virginia unless otherwise noted.) Old-Time Fiddle: Jake Krack (Marlinton, West Virginia), Richard Bowman (Mount Airy, North Carolina), Billy Hurt (Boones Mill), Eddie Bond (Fries), Nathan Leath (Taylorsville, North Carolina), Henry Barnes (Columbus, Ohio), Andrew Small (Elizabeth City, North Carolina), Stephen Fraleigh (Raleigh, North Carolina), Andrew Vogts (Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania), Rod Jones (Charleston, West Virginia).  Youth Old-Time Fiddle: Andrew Vogts, Max McGlothlin (Narrows), Asa Nelson (Boone, North Carolina), Sylvia McGee (King, North Carolina), Heidi Holloway (Wilkesboro, North Carolina).  Bluegrass Fiddle: Ivy Phillips (Chapmansboro, Tennessee), Corinna Stephens (White Creek, Tennessee), Aila Wildman (Floyd), Danny Knicely (Taylorstown), Carson Peters (Piney Flats, Tennessee), Casey Driscoll (Mount Airy, North Carolina), Kitty Amaral (Elk Creek), Carley Arrowwood (Union Mills, North Carolina), John Hoffman (Thomasville, North Carolina), Marissa Colter (Clemmons, North Carolina). Youth Bluegrass Fiddle: Kitty Amaral, Giri Peters (Nashville, Tennessee), Ruth Shumway (West Jefferson, North Carolina), Mary Claire Hooper (Elkin, North Carolina), Marissa Colter. Clawhammer Banjo: Victor Furtado (Front Royal), Seth Boyd (Martinsville), Brien Fain (Stuart), Madison Shepherd (West Jefferson, North Carolina), Kelley Breiding (Crumpler, North Carolina), Jared Boyd (Laurel Fork), Jessica Muller (Christiansburg), Daniel Boyer (Fries), Trevor Hammons (Marlinton, West Virginia), Nancy Sluys (Westfield, North Carolina). Youth Clawhammer Banjo: Uma Peters (Nashville, Tennessee), Harry Vickery (Troutdale), Timber Vickery (Troutdale), Todd Young (Christiansburg), Coleman Davis (Galax). Bluegrass Banjo: Jeremy Stephens (White Creek, Tennessee), Trajan Wellington (Jefferson, North Carolina), Steve Barr (Galax), Andy Lowe (Winston-Salem, North Carolina), Brennen Ernst (Boones Mill), Bobby Whitlock (Collinsville), Steve Chrisley (Wytheville), Lee Dunbar (Eagle Rock), Timothy Mills (Pilot), Danny Bowers (Winston-Salem, North Carolina). Youth Bluegrass Banjo: Clay Russell (Troutdale), Clay Busic (Piney Creek, North Carolina), Carter Wilson (Fleetwood, North Carolina), Alex Donahue (Roanoke), John Lee (Mount Ulla, North Carolina). Guitar: Brandon Davis (Galax), Steve Lewis (Mountain City, Tennessee), Presley Barker (Trap Hill, North Carolina), John Garris (Durham, North Carolina), Scott Fore (Radford), Wayne Henderson (Mouth of Wilson), Steve Kilby (Mouth of Wilson), Jack Hinshelwood (Abingdon), Rex McGee (King, North Carolina), Nick Weitzenfeld (Floyd). Youth Guitar: Pressley Barker (Traphill, North Carolina), Jessica Lang (Wake Forest, North Carolina), Gabe Bemis (Salisbury, North Carolina), Nick Weitzenfeld, Carson Peters (Piney Flats). Mandolin: Jonah Horton (Wilkesboro, North Carolina), Liam Purcell (Deep Gap, North Carolina), Ryan Blevins (Marion), Patrick Lindsey (Galax), Taylor Baker (Winchester), Ricky Ellis (Bedford), Giri Peters, Chris Martin (Wirtz), Rodney Hodges, Tara Linhardt (Taylortown). Youth Mandolin: Devin Huie (Wilkesboro, North Carolina), Eli Wildman (Floyd), Addison Levy (Radford), Ben Zengar (Lewisville, North Carolina), Elijah Moore (Kernersville, North Carolina). Dulcimer: Sharon Boyd (Colonial Heights), Jimmy Edmonds (Galax), Kendra Ward (Bidwell, Ohio), Dot Christenson (Lexington, Kentucky), Dick Lamb (Keezeltown), Clarence Roberts (Galax), Gail Webber (Greensboro, North Carolina), David Parks (Dublin), Tim Thorton (Shawsville), Lark Dunton (Roanoke). Autoharp: Ronnie Burroughs (Keysville), Lois Shumaker (Olin, North Carolina), Frederick Douglas (Chapel Hill, North Carolina), Vicki Boyd (Laurel Fork), Jo Ann Redd (Galax), Penny Kilby (Mouth of Wilson), Judy Pagter (Stanardsville), Bobbi Roberts (Galax), Virgil Adams (Galax), Doug Pratt (Cary, North Carolina). Dobro: Eddie Marrs (Princeton, West Virginia), Doug Smith (Medway, Ohio), Stephen Moller (Elgin, Illinois), Donnie Scott (Mount Airy, North Carolina), Alex Donahue (Roanoke), Randy Pasley (Eagle River, Alaska), Robert Ellis (Mocksville, North Carolina), Alan Jolley (Gastonia, North Carolina), Marvin Farmer (Hillsville), Maggie Anderson (Woodlawn). Folk Song: Leslie Dunbar (Eagle Rock), Jina Rosencrans (Fries), Megan White (Greensboro, North Carolina), Brianna Dunbar (Eagle Rock), Lynne Powell (Mocksville), Lindsey Jackson (Austinville), Travis Barrett (Cummings, Georgia), James Tate (Galax), Scott Patrick (Christiansburg), Heather Mabe (Walnut Cove, North Carolina). Dance: Mitchell Robinson (Galax), Kathy Delp (Galax), Brenda Jones (Stuart), Jerry Hodges (Stuart), Cade Vissage (Mountain Rest, South Carolina), Glenn Wimmer (Rocky Mount), Kenny Monnahan (Ivanhoe), Ben Harmon (Bassett), Julia Powell (Swannanoa, North Carolina), Milton Scott (Thurmond, North Carolina). Old-Time Bands: Slate Mountain Ramblers (Mount Airy, North Carolina), Whoopin’ Hollar String Band (Marlinton, West Virginia), Dry Hill Draggers (Ferrum), State Line Play Boys (Low Gap, North Carolina), Hard Cider (Elk Creek), Four State Ramblers (Swannanoa, North Carolina), Cabin Creek Boys (Lansing, North Carolina), New River Bound (Christiansburg), Pilot Mountain Bobcats (Westfield,  North Carolina), West Bound 37 (Wytheville), Fox Creek Ramblers (Mouth of Wilson), Reed Island Rounders (Hillsville), Liberty Hill Hillbillies (Fries), Buck Mountain Band (Independence), Fishers Peak Timber Rattlers (Galax). Bluegrass Bands: Trailblazers (Wilkesboro, North Carolina), High Voltage (Pfafftown, North Carolina), Rusty B and Mash Down (Hillsville), Poundtowne (Winston-Salem, North Carolina), Shadow Grass (Galax), Sons of the South (Statesville, North Carolina), Coyote Ugly Band (Kingsport, Tennessee), Chosen Road (Princeton, West Virginia), Drive Time (Timberlake, North Carolina), Adam McPeak and Mountain Thunder (Max Meadows), Statement (Hillsville), County Fools (Greensboro, North Carolina), Loose Strings Band (Galax), Jakes from State Farm (Johnson City, Tennessee), Wound Tight (Wirtz). Youth Bands: Shadowgrass (Elk Creek), Iron Mountain Band (Piney Flats, Tennessee), Gravel Road (Radford), Grassified Ads (Sanford, North Carolina), Tendergrass (Mount Ulla, North Carolina). Best All-Around Performer: Ivy Philips (Chapmansboro, Tennessee).


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